It’s time for us to find ourselves, and feel perfect with our own being.


•Intro~ Rules For Self Love•

As a teen girl, a lot of realisations sometimes flow through your mind. Like maybe you took a picture one day and you used it for pretty much all of your social media profile pictures becoz you believed it was bomb, before realising how crap it really looks...or maybe in this case, it's just me.

Point is, I decided to write this for those out there who didn’t get what I got for like half of my teen life already gone. I wanna help us to self-reassure how amazing and strong us girls are, and how we dont need our boyfriends or bestfriends to say it to our face because we dont believe it, but instead have that mentality that we are who we are and believe that we are enough. 

So if you’re reading this, you need a push from feeling like you need to be what everyone expects you to be becoz honey, true friends or good people would accept yourself, and lets face it there’s hardly any of those people around. Leading us back to ourselves. The only person we can trust. The only person we can talk to. Even if you accidentally get caught in a coversation to thin air!

So here you are. If you wanna find yourself, the better self you know you can find like how I did at one point, then feel free to mingle around on my blog.


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